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"BOOM" is the local Maryland chapter of The Buick Club of America.
Our membership celebrates the rich heritage of this automobile manufacturer, first founded by David Dunbar Buick in 1903. Under the leadership of William C. Durant, Buick served as the base foundation in the formation of General Motor's Corporation in 1904. Under the direction of Harlow Curtice they went on to become the single largest corporation in the world and the first to realize a billion dollars profit in a single year during the 1950's. This line continues to thrive as a true market leader all over the world. We are dedicated to preserving their legacy for both local enthusiasts, and future generations.

Our chapter produces the quarterly publication "BOOM Times". We hold several events each year. Our activities and events include a monthly breakfast gathering, two (2) annual car shows, day tours, a tech session and the one the started it all in Maryland, the BOOM picnic! 

Our goal is to maintain the presence of these fine automobiles.
We welcome the opportunity to assist with support, guidance and recommendations on maintenance, repairs, parts supply & restoration. We encourage owners to drive their Buick's and suggest you perform as much work as can be addressed personally.
You'll find time spent "under the hood" not only enhances performance and drive-ability,
but also your own sense of satisfaction & enjoyment as well.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this unique marques history.
Contact us via email at info@bcaboom.com
or email our director Hank Reus, Jr at dankerus@comcast.net.

"When better cars are built, Buick will build them!"

Let us show you why..."Buick's the Buy!"

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